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The study aimed at investigating the influence of four variables related to processing technology and formulation on consumer's choice of fruit juice, and to explore the moderating effect of food technology neophobia (FTN). A choice-conjoint task was implemented considering four variables: processing technology, added sugar, preservatives and cold pressing. Sixteen pairs of labels were presented to 369 Brazilian consumers to that indicate which of the products they would purchase. Then, they answered the FTN scales and a socio-demographic questionnaire. Data were analysed using a logit model with random parameters. Results showed that cold pressing, pressurisation and the claims 'no added sugar' and 'no preservatives' had a positive effect on consumers' choices, whereas the claim 'not pressurised' had a negative effect. The FTN moderated the effect of the variables on participants' choices of fruit juices. The main difference between groups of consumers with different level of neophobia (low, medium and high) was related to the effect of information about juice processing.


Araujo Martins, Inayara Beatriz;  Rosenthal, Amauri;  Ares, Gaston;  Deliza, Rosires

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