Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Processual Penal

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About Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Processual Penal

Its main purposes to promote public debate between the various legal actors and foster the development of teaching, research and studies related to criminal procedural law and other areas of knowledge with which it can relate to, the IBRASPP is based on understanding that criminal proceedings compatible with a democratic rule of law is guided by some basic principles, among which we can highlight the presumption of innocence, impartiality, the contradictory and full defense. This is all because of the democratic political system stems from the indispensability of humanization of criminal proceedings.

The idea, still embryonic, is ultimately break with the Cartesian and deterministic barriers that today govern criminal procedure theme and conduct their debate to a poor dogmatic reflection. The idea is to act, not just reflect. Admit transdisciplinarity as opening instrument of criminal procedure science complexity characteristic of modern society, accepting the contribution of other branches of science to the improvement of the Criminal Procedural Law.