Oriental Scientific Publishing Company

About Oriental Scientific Publishing Company

Aims & Objectives: After the compilation of a piece of research, It is most important for the work to get recognition on a wider platform for which it is, very necessary that the work should be published in a reputed research journal as soon as possible. The need of a good research journal in pure and applied chemistry was badly needed in Madhya Pradesh, The central state of the India. The delay in publication of a good quality of research work hampers the importance of the work.

Realizing this situation it was found befitting to float a research journal of chemistry under the publication title, Oriental Scientific Publishing Company, established in 1985, under the banner of which the first chemistry research journal from Madhya Pradesh was started with the title, Oriental Journal of Chemistry (

The main objective to start such journal from Madhya Pradesh, India is to promote the research and to encourage the budding researchers in the field of pure and applied chemistry and early recognition of their work. Moreover to provide open and free access of the research articles to the needed scholars of India in general and Madhya Pradesh in particular.

Mission & Vision: Our mission for establishing such a platform is to publish needed journals in various branches of science and technology, and to provide an International platform for exchange of knowledge for inspiration and learning.

Our future vision is to explore and provide easy publishing platform for the work of the scholars and to boost the quality of research in vertical direction rather than horizontal. We are happy to achieve our goals and our journals; especially the Oriental Journal of Chemistry is making its place in various International reputed abstracting and indexing agencies.

The Ultimate aim and mission is that the outcome of these researches may provide the relief and benefits to the common man of under developed countries.