Publons for Journals and Publishers

Publons works with reviewers, editors, and journals to give recognition for peer review without breaking reviewer anonymity.

  • Reviewers use Publons to track and verify their peer review activity.
  • Journals integrate with Publons to acknowledge their reviewers and incentivise faster peer review.
  • Editors benefit from motivated reviewers and can access tools designed to find, screen, and contact reviewers.

Publons gives recognition for all types of peer review across all journals from all academic disciplines. If you're interested in seeing a particular journal partner with Publons, use the form


Why integrate with Publons?

Publons integrates seamlessly with the peer-review submission system to streamline the process of recognising your reviewers. This provides three key benefits:


We make it very easy to integrate. For more information, contact us at

How it works for reviewers

Publons works with the peer-review submission system of the journal to transfer the review records for reviewers that explicitly opt-in to the Publons service.

The review record is added to Publons according to the policy set by the journal. By default, this means only the journal and year of the review will be shown.

Integration details

Publons offers three styles of integration:

  • EMS integration

    We can integrate directly into your manuscript submission system by adding a question to your review forms. This allows your reviewers to automatically get recognition for their review by simply ticking a box when completing the review. Currently we support ScholarOne Manuscripts, Editorial Manager, and Open Journal Systems.

  • API integration

    If you prefer, you can design a process for posting directly to our API and we'll give you unlimited access.

  • Email integration

    Get priority access to for your journal by including some editorial manager specific code in your thank you messages.

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