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IET Computer Vision welcomes submissions on the following topics: Biologically and perceptually motivated approaches to low level vision (feature detection, etc.); Perceptual grouping and organisation Representation, analysis and matching of 2D and 3D shape Shape-from-X Object recognition Image understanding Learning with visual inputs Motion analysis and object tracking Multiview scene analysis Cognitive approaches in low, mid and high level vision Control in visual systems Colour, reflectance and light Statistical and probabilistic models Face and gesture Surveillance Biometrics and security Robotics Vehicle guidance Automatic model aquisition Medical image analysis and understanding Aerial scene analysis and remote sensing Deep learning models in computer vision Both methodological and applications orientated papers are welcome. Manuscripts submitted are expected to include a detailed and analytical review of the literature and state-of-the-art exposition of the original proposed research and its methodology, its thorough experimental evaluation, and last but not least, comparative evaluation against relevant and state-of-the-art methods. Submissions not abiding by these minimum requirements may be returned to authors without being sent to review.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
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