Revista Prevenção de Infecção E Saúde


The mission of the Revista Prevenção de Infecção e Saúde(REPIS)/Prevention and Infection and Health Journal is to promote the dissemination of technical-scientific knowledge about prevention and control of Infections in health services, as well as epidemiological research that seeks to investigate the profile of the most prevalent diseases in environment providing contributions to the health area. REPIS is an online journal, which since January 2018 has adopted the rolling publication system. It is edited by the Center for Research in Infection Prevention and Control in Health Services (NUPCISS) in collaboration with the Center for Infection Prevention and Control in Health Services (NEPECISS) of the Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing (EERP) ) of the University of São Paulo (USP). The journal accepts publication of articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish, in the categories: original articles, review, report of experience, reflective texts, student page and update, that meet the norms of publication of the Journal. The journal is not for profit.

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