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AIJR preprint server is dedicated to publishing early research work known as a preprint from all academic fields. A preprint paper is the author’s version of the research paper that has not yet been peer-reviewed and published in any scholarly journal. Preprint papers go by many names such as; working paper, draft version, author's version of a paper, etc. In most cases, they are considered as final drafts or working papers. AIJR Preprints is a multidisciplinary preprint server that publishes early research work from all fields of research immediately. Currently, it is free to publish in the following sections-

Working Paper Section: This section is intended to publish working papers considered as early research work which has not been submitted to any journal for reviewing yet. After the author submits to any journal where get published, it can be updated with DOI of the published peer-reviewed version. Preprints Section: This section is intended to publish the author's version of papers which already been submitted to a scholarly journal for peer-reviewing (whether accepted or not). If the paper in the journal already accepted or published, the author needs to provide DOI of the finally published peer-reviewed version. Coronavirus Section: This is a special section to publish all kinds of working papers on coronavirus study. If the article gets published in any scholarly journal, the author may update with DOI of the published peer-reviewed version.

Paper Submission Our online submission platform is very simple and easy to use. If you don’t have an account, first create one using a simple registration process. After registration and validation of your account through the link sent to your email, you may log in to proceed further. Click on “New Submission” and proceed with the stepwise submission system by uploading your paper and giving basic details about the paper and authors. The final step is to confirm and finish submission to the editorial office of AIJR preprints for technical formatting screening. Make sure you have read the author guidelines before submission.

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