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ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES ISSN 2345-0282 (online) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, serving as a platform to foster multi/interdisciplinary innovations that bring together the research communities and the end-users being affected. It is where theory meets practice, evident in the authors being experts across the industrial value chain – including business visionaries, regulatory and standards bodies, and especially pan-European networking through public and private sector partnerships (PPPs).

Accepted papers present outcomes of initiatives and findings across all fields of science and technology, especially social sciences and humanities. Multi/interdisciplinary approach is encouraged. Recent additions to the already well-accomplished editorial board includes experts from the energy and information and communication technologies (ICT) sectors, particularly focused on advances to the state of the arts in environmental sustainability developments. This journal publishes original research papers that are rich with case studies of modern demonstrations, presenting innovative solutions to socio-economic and socio-technical problems that plague modern societies. It is a journal that is positioned as collaborative platform where theory meets practice, which is accomplished by publishing authors who’ve uncovered new linkages between data formulation and the underpinning theories, cases, observations, and validated hypotheses arising from the analysis of that data.

ESI journal scope includes as well a particular focus on the business development side of smart electricity grids regarding financial or innovative technological aspects surrounding: renewable production, energy storage and management, construction materials, retrofitting, urban planning, and the trading of actors within emerging markets affected by energy supply and demand tradeoff.

ESI journal reacts to the contemporary international context and includes into its scope array of topics affecting entrepreneurship ecosystem, such as: security and safety of countries, regions and society, boarder guard issues, migration issues, terrorism, international crime, security and safety models for sustainable development of societies and businesses etc.

ESI journal is an effective channel to disseminate the achievements of scientific or technological advances in both entrepreneurial and industrial settings, as it reaches broad audiences through the many portals, including prestigious Web of Sciences portal and facilitates cooperative development of sustainable technology deployment. ESI provides energy and materials science stakeholders with accessible up-to-date information for empowering standardized technological evolution, from the vision of tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

Areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following:

Conceptual/Practical Approaches and Methodologies towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Globalization, Internationalization and Solutions for Low-Carbon Economies of Scope or Scale

Innovations and Technology Transfer Pilot Results Advancing Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Information Technologies (IT) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for Entrepreneurship Sustainability, and Socio-Economic Innovations

Environmental Engineering for Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Applications/Ventures

Smart Electricity Grid Solutions for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Implementation of Renewable Energies (e.g. Harvesting, Storage, New Technologies Being Deployed/Developed, Innovative Market or Business Model Paradigms, etc.)

Entrepreneurship, Security and Safety

Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship, Safety

Threats to Society, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

Security and Safety of Countries, Regions and Society as Precondition of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Boarder Guard Issues. Regional Development and Entrepreneurship

Migration and Sustainable Regional Development and Entrepreneurship

Terrorism, International Crime, Regional Development and Sustainability

Security and Safety Models for Sustainable Development of Societies and Businesses

Emerging Business Drivers, Opportunities, or Constraints in Future Sectors of Current Markets

Retrofitting Techniques and Technologies Near-Zero Energy Demand Buildings

Urban Planning and Advanced Construction Materials for Energy-Efficiency or Smart Cities

Modern Economics in the Context of Security, Comfort, or Legislation

PPPs for Developments in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Investments

Accounting and Entrepreneurship Issues

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Context of Management or Life-Long Learning

Strategic Management Practices and Creative Marketing Techniques for Sustainability

Organizational Studies and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the Context of Marketing, ICT, and Creative Industries

Intercultural Communication for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Institutions and Entrepreneurship

Case Studies on Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

Social Cohesion and Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Business Models and Strategic Management for Sustainable, Secure and Safe Futures

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Entrepreneurship in the Context of Psychology, Education, or Women

Intuitions about Emerging Phenomena in Business and Society

Start-Ups, Spin-Offs, SMEs in the Context of Market Growth And Exit

Global Value Chain Management for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Knowledge Management for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Safety and Security

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