Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for Psychology


The Quantitative Methods for Psychology is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that publishes articles and tutorials in all areas of quantitative psychology.

The mission of the journal is to help both novice and expert researchers acquire methods related to the implementation of experimental paradigms, the description and analysis of data, and the development of quantitative models.

By providing practical articles and tutorials, we hope to facilitate our readers' learning of different methodologies and, consequently, give them more time to focus on other aspects of their research.

The journal also encourages replications and incremental improvements of models. To that end, the journal publishes direct replication studies (a study in which a published experiment is replicated as is) to see how well the results replicates. See editorial in Vol. 10 (2). Finally, the journal publishes data sets accompanied by an initial model. Subsequent researchers can improve the model, or develop new modeling orientation from a common data set, which reduces the difficulty for comparing models across papers if the data are kept constant. See editorial in Vol. 10 (1) for more.


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