Zhurnal "Voprosy Nejrokhirurgii Imeni N.N.Burdenko"

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Журнал «Вопросы нейрохирургии» имени Н.Н. Бурденко»

Journal Problems of Neurosurgery named after N.N. Burdenko ("Voprosy neĭrokhirurgii imeni N.N.Burdenko")

Scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal. This publication covers the theoretical, practical and organizational problems of modern neurosurgery, the latest advances in the treatment of various diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Founded in 1937. English version of the journal translates from Russian version since #1/2013.

Journal is indexed in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), Web of Science (Russian Science Citation Index - RSCI), PubMed/Medline, Index Medicus, Scopus/EMBASE, Chemical Abstracts, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar.

Journal is included in HAC list of publications recommended for publishing articles containing dissertation materials.

Clinical Neurology
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