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Modeling and informatics tools for biomaterials – scaling methods to guide biomaterial design, predictive algorithms for structure-function, biomaterial mechanics; integrating bioinformatics with biomaterials discovery, metabolomics in the context of biomaterials

New biomaterials, bioinspired and biomimetic approaches to biomaterials – synthesis and chemical modifications, exploiting structural hierarchy and architectural control, combinatorial strategies for biomaterials discovery, new processing modes to purify and utilize natural polymers, biophysical regulation of cell functions, controlled and bioresponsive delivery of regulatory molecules, genetic biomaterials design, synthetic biology, new composite systems

Biomaterial interfaces, biology and health - material-biology interactions, chemical/morphological/structural communication, signaling and biological responses, health risks, toxicology, safety, calcification, corrosion and degradation of biomaterials and devices, prosthetics

Manufacturing, technology and tissues in the context of biomaterials – regenerative medicine, tissue engineering for basic and applied studies, organ-on-a-chip, bioreactor/perfusion systems, microdevices, 3D printing, inks, BioMEMS, optics and electronics interfaces with biomaterials, systems integration

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