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Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems is devoted to the rapidly emerging fields of agroecology and food system sustainability. By linking scientific inquiry and productive practice with transformative social action, agroecology provides a foundation for developing the alternative food systems of the future. The journal focuses on the changes that need to occur in the design and management of our food systems in order to balance natural resource use and environmental protection with the needs of production, economic viability, food security, and the social well-being of all people.

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems examines our current food systems from production to consumption, and the urgent need to transition to long-term sustainability. The journal promotes the study and application of agroecology for developing alternatives to the complex problems of resource depletion, environmental degradation, a narrowing of agrobiodiversity, continued world hunger, consolidation and industrialization of the food system, climate change, and the loss of farm land. The journal uses a food systems approach, and seeks experiences in agroecology that are on-farm, participatory, change-oriented, and backed by broad-based methodologies of sustainability analysis and evaluation.

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