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The Revista Colombiana de Bioética (RCB) Journal publishes research articles, with an empirical or theoretical focus, and literature review articles that are of interest to the international scientific community of Bioethics. Its purpose is to validate and disseminate scientific knowledge relevant to current discussions in Bioethics, with a special emphasis on the relationships between technological developments and Bioethics, Bioethics and health, Bioethics and education, Bioethics and the environment, and Bioethics and its foundations, from an interdisciplinary perspective. The journal selects its articles through a "double-blind" peer review process; the peer review system and its publication frequency are continuous, in digital format, under an open access model.

Free format submission

To facilitate the submission of manuscripts to the Journal, we enable authors to submit texts without adapting them to a strict style and citation guidelines. Once the manuscripts are approved for publication, the editor will request the formatting of the text according to the rules of the Journal. However, unformatted submission does not imply manuscripts should be sent without structure. In this regard we ask authors to consider the following:

  1. Metadata. Manuscripts should have an abstract not longer that two hundred (200) words. It should state the purpose and describe the main contents of each section. Also, it should contain appropriate keywords, said keywords should preferably be terms between two or three words, and there should be between four to six unique terms.
  2. Structure of the articles. Research and review articles should follow the classic structure: introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusions. Its length should not exceed ten thousand (10,000) words without references.
  3. Other manuscript structures. Short articles and reviews should ensure a coherent structure, preferably with an introduction, a development of its contents, and conclusions. Short articles should not exceed three thousand (3,000) words without references. Book reviews should not exceed one thousand and five hundred (1,500) words without references.
  4. Tables and figures. All tables, figures and images should be mentioned in the body of text and inserted in the place closest to their mention. They must have a title and indicate the source from which they come or specify if they are self-made. Authors are responsible for the permissions to use tables, figures or images published by other media.
  5. Citation style. Rules of citation must be consistent throughout the text.

Submissions. Manuscripts must be submitted through the journal’s publishing platform (Open Journal System). Declaration of conflict of interest and a release form must be uploaded with the text. Templates for said documents can be downloaded here:

If the author is unable to make the submission on his/her own or wishes to clarify any aspect of it, he or she can send his/her manuscript and attachment directly to the journal’s e-mail:

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