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Cognition and Emotion is devoted to the study of emotion, especially to those aspects of emotion related to cognitive processes. The journal aims to bring together work on emotion undertaken by researchers in cognitive, social, clinical, and developmental psychology, psychophysiology, neuropsychology/neuroscience, and cognitive science.

Examples of topics appropriate for the journal include the role of cognitive processes in emotion elicitation, regulation, and expression; the impact of emotion on attention, memory, learning, motivation, judgements, and decisions; the interplay between cognition and emotion in psychopathology, social behaviour, and health-related behaviours; cultural, developmental, psychophysiological, and neuroscientific aspects of the relation between cognition and emotion; and the nature of particular emotions or emotionality in general.

Cognition and Emotion primarily publishes original research reports and Registered Reports, but also considers theoretical papers and literature reviews as long as these form a major contribution to our understanding of the interplay between emotion and cognition. Submissions can be considered for publication as regular articles or as brief reports.

Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
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