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Molecular Ecology publishes papers that utilize molecular genetic techniques to address consequential questions in ecology, evolution, behaviour and conservation. Studies may employ neutral markers for inference about ecological and evolutionary processes or examine ecologically important genes and their products directly. We discourage papers that are primarily descriptive and are relevant only to the taxon being studied. Papers reporting on molecular marker development, molecular diagnostics, barcoding, or DNA taxonomy, or technical methods should be re-directed to our sister journal, Molecular Ecology Resources. Likewise, papers with a strongly applied focus should be submitted to Evolutionary Applications. Research areas of interest to Molecular Ecology include:

  • population structure and phylogeography
  • reproductive strategies
  • relatedness and kin selection
  • sex allocation
  • population genetic theory
  • analytical methods development
  • conservation genetics
  • speciation genetics
  • microbial biodiversity
  • evolutionary dynamics of QTLs
  • ecological interactions
  • molecular adaptation and environmental genomics
  • impact of genetically modified organisms
Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
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