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The Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA) is a Portuguese Public Research Institution devoted to Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences and Technology. IPMA‟s mission is to provide technical and scientific advisory to national policy definition, operating and maintaining scientific infrastructures, acquiring data, processing and maintaining the national scientific databases on its areas of competence, and of promoting and coordinating scientific research and technological development on the areas of the sea and atmosphere. IPMA is responsible by ensuring the implementation of strategies and policies in their areas of expertise contributing to the economic and social development, being invested in the functions of the national authority among others in the field of ocean and marine resources. On the Ocean arena, IPMA possesses a strong cluster of competences on resource and fisheries related research. The need to provide scientific advice to the national authorities in a broad spectrum of regulatory activities has led to the development of very solid operational and research groups in all areas related to stock management, production methods, biology, ecology, water and sediment contaminants, geochemistry, toxicology, marine (mineral and biological) resources, natural hazards and, in general, most of the scientific fields related to the marine environment, and biodiversity management and control. Its mission is executed with the help of its own research vessels and a considerable set of experimental aquaculture facilities (both on and off-shore). In these areas, IPMA also acts as the national representative in several international organizations (EFARO, ICES, NAFO, ICCTI, etc) and manages a high number of international protocols. Many of the IPMA’s laboratorial facilities (in the fields of chemistry, biology and geology) have been recognized as “National Reference Labs”, and, thus routinely serve a wide community, which far exceeds the strict scope of the Institute. The research activity of IPMA in these areas is strongly cooperative, with European funded cooperative projects (FP7, H2020, INTERREG, etc.) constituting the dominant component of the competitive funding project portfolio.

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