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The University Medical Center Utrecht (Dutch: Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht) or UMCU is the main hospital of the city of Utrecht. It is affiliated with the Utrecht University. Since the foundation of the university in 1636 an academic hospital has existed in various forms. Nowadays the UMC Utrecht comprises the academic hospital, the faculty of Medicine as well as the Wilhelmina Children's hospital. In total approximately 10,000 people work at the UMCU including medical staff, nursing staff, residents, support personnel and researchers, making it one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands.

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    Thomas Debray

    I investigate statistical methods for analyzing large, clustered, data sets. My main area of expertise is risk prediction and stratified medicine.

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    Ale Algra

    Ale Algra trained in physics at Utrecht University and obtained a BSc in 1975. He continued training at the Medical School of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (MD 1981). In the mean time he worked at the Thoraxcenter on the computer analysis of 24-hour ECG recordings, originally on technical aspects of ECG-analysis, later he studied predictors for sudden cardiac death from 24-hour ECG, resulting in his doctorate thesis in 1990. In 1984-85 he trained at the Harvard School of Public Health for an MSc in Epidemiology. From 1990 on he works at the University Medical Center Utrecht, half-time in the department of Neurology, and half-time in the Julius Center. In 1999-2000 he spent a sabbatical year as Visiting Professor at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, with the research group of Barnett and Hachinski. As of 2005 he works one day per week as professor of clinical epidemiology in the department of Clinical Epidemiology of the Leiden University Medical Center.

    Interests and Focus My main field of research is vascular disease, in particular that of the brain. I have been involved as principal (co-)investigator in several multicenter secondary prevention trials with antithrombotic treatments, both in patients with a TIA or minor ischaemic stroke and patients after infrainguinal bypass surgery. Within the Julius Center I am one of the principal investigators of the ongoing SMART (Second Manifestations in ARTerial Disease) study, in which currently over 10,000 patients with vascular disease are enrolled. One of my current interests is the difference in coagulation propensity between young patients with ischaemic stroke and myocardial infarction.

  • Reviewer

    Robert PL Wisse

    Please see my linkedin profile page.

  • Reviewer

    Hendrik Gremmels

    Medical researcher in vascular biology and nephrology. Primary research focus is adult stem cells as therapy for peripheral arterial disease.

  • Reviewer

    Krzysztof Trzcinski

    My work focuses on the innate and acquired immune responses to colonization with Streptococcus pneumoniae, and on mechanisms maintaining diversity of pneumococcal serotypes circulating in the human population. Currently, I am using molecular surveillance methods to study the impact of vaccines on serotype carriage. The aim is to broaden our understanding of the host-pathogen interactions during colonization, allowing for the optimization of preventative strategies targeting pneumococcal disease.

  • Reviewer

    Hylke Brenkman

    PhD-candidate in the UMC Utrecht, focus on Upper Gastro-intestinal surgery