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    John R. Wilson

    Biological invasions represent both a fascinating test of ecological and evolutionary theory and a major challenge in natural resource management. At such they represent an important opportunity to do fundamental research that has outcomes with direct relevance to management and policy.

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    Ronell R. Klopper

    South African National Plant Checklist Coordinator and Plant Taxonomist at SANBI, Pretoria, South Africa. Curates Asphodelaceae, Pteridophyta and Lycopodiophyta collections at National Herbarium (PRE). Coordinated SANBI's involvement in African Plant Checklist & Database that was compiled in collaboration with CJB Geneva, Switzerland. Manages the Aloes of the World Project. Member of Nomenclature Committee for Vascular Plants. Member of Editorial Board of Flowering Plants of Africa. Associate Editor to Novon. Section Editor: Africa Flora for Phytotaxa.

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    Jessica Marie da Silva

    My deep interest in the biological sciences stems from the understanding that nothing exists for itself alone, but only in relation to other forms of life. This understanding has led me to my current research interests, which involve integrating taxonomic, molecular, ecological, physiological and spatial information. Each component provides key clues to deciphering the adaptive and evolutionary potential of organisms, which is essential for their conservation.I am particularly interested in population-level studies that incorporate the above to look at migration and gene flow across varying landscapes, especially in problematic taxa.

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    Jacques van Rooy

    Mainly interested in the taxonomy, nomenclature, phytogeography and conservation of African bryophytes, in particular southern African mosses. Specialises in Bryaceae, Archidiaceae, Orthotrichaceae, Polytrichaceae.