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    Yang Yang

    Food safety microbiologist, focus on foodborne pathogens detection and control, specific research interests, as follows: Fresh and fresh-cut produce safety research; Foodborne pathoges detection (fast detecion); Antibiotic resistance; Pathogens typing method; Pathogens virulence evolution ; Foodborne pathogens source tracking database;

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    Daniel R. Perez

    Biochemist and Molecular Virologist with ~25 years of experience in the field of RNA viruses, particularly Orthomyxoviruses.

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    Michael Gollner

    The Gollner Fire Research Group, led by Assistant Professor Michael J. Gollner is broadly interested in fire science problems, utilizing experiments and combustion and fluid dynamics theory to solve problems related to fire spread in the wildland and built environments, material flammability, sustainable/green building fire safety and smoke and toxic product transport. Our research is currently supported by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Homeland Security, the US Forest Service, the National Fire Protection Association Fire Protection Research Foundation and the Minta Martin Foundation at the University of Maryland.

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    Kelli D. Cummings

    I am an Educator who is grounded by real work in schools and committed to finding applied assessment and intervention solutions that work within the complexities of the public school system. My research focuses on projects that link assessment and intervention technologies to improve student access to the general education curriculum and, ultimately, their success in school.

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    David Lagomasino

    Ecohydrology; Evapotranspiration; Remote Sensing; Geology; Mangroves; Wetlands; Stable Isotopes; Water Quality; Coastal Processes; Forest Ecology; Estuarine Ecology; Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle

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    Mohammad Alizadeh Nomeli

    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Nomeli's industrial research experience include applied mathematics for multi-physics modeling, statistics/machine learning-assisted modeling, super performance computing, and data-driven modeling, with application to engineering reactive transport in oil and gas reservoirs.