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    Danielle L. Levesque

    I am an evolutionary and ecological physiologist primarily interested in the comparative energetics and the evolution of mammalian temperature regulation. My research lies at the intersections of comparative physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology, and the synergies between these disciplines. Through field and laboratory based experiments, I seek to understand how rigidity or flexibility in metabolism and body temperature regulation affects the energetics of a species, and how their evolutionary history has shaped these patterns.

  • Reviewer

    Xiao Xiao

    I am a postdoctoral researcher at University of Maine. I am interested in using large data sets and quantitative methods to tackle problems in community ecology and macroecology.

  • Reviewer

    Matthew P. Dube

    Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems University of Maine at Augusta

    Ph.D. Spatial Information Science and Engineering - University of Maine

  • Reviewer

    Senthil Vel

    Senthil Vel Professor of Mechanical Engineering 214 Boardman Hall University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469

  • Reviewer

    Andrei Kurbatov

    Research Interests: Impacts of volcanism on Earth’s climate system Professional Preparation: • State University of New York, Buffalo, New York USA. Ph.D. Geology.