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    Hui Zhao

    Professor, University of Kansas, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Optics

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    Veerendra Koppolu

    Scientist at AstraZeneca focusing on Biologics Characterization

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    Linyong Song

    My research spans the traditional disciplines of polymer, inorganic and material chemistry and incorporates various aspects of nanotechnology. My research has been directly toward the design, synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of two classes of materials: 1) micro/nano hierarchical structuring materials for chemical analysis and photo-catalyst applications; 2) functional dental adhesives.

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    Robert P Hunter

    M.S. and Ph.D. in Veterinary Pharmacology. Twenty-two years of veterinary and human drug development experience with NASA, Pfizer, Elanco, Parnell, and Provetica. Contributed to the approvals for Revolution®, Dectomax®, Ovugel®, and Pulmotil®, with others currently in development or under regulatory review. Internationally recognized subject matter expert on pharmacokinetics, antimicrobial PK/PD, interspecies allometry, drug metabolism, bioequivalence, and tissue residues/human food safety along with corresponding bioanalytical support. Dr. Hunter has served on and chaired several AHI committees and represented the U.S. veterinary pharmaceutical industry on the VICH bioequivalence expert committee. He has represented various companies at CVM/FDA, EMA/CVMP, APVMA, VDD (Canada), NVQRS/QIA (South Korea), Thailand FDA, NVAL (Japan), Ministry of Agriculture (Vietnam), and IVDC (China) regarding specific products, issues, and/or policies.

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    Kate M Buckeridge

    I investigate how soil microorganisms mediate biogeochemical and ecosystem responses to climate change.

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    Ritesh Kumar

    Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Cancer biology, Structural Biology, Proteomics and Genomics

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    Jong Cheol Jeong

    Jong Cheol Jeong is the Assistant Professor of division of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and is also the manager of Cancer Research Data Commons in Markey Cancer Center. His current research interests are the development and application of methods in translational biomedical informatics to better understand disease pathogenesis, leading to development of precision medicine and improved diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer patients by utilizing stat of the art sequencing technologies and machine learning algorithms.