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Founded in 1906 by the Prince of Wales, King George's Medical University (KGMU) is one of the premier medical institutions of India, with its medical school regularly being ranked in the top ten in the nation. Graduating over 250 medical students and over 200 specialist doctors every year, KGMU is one of the largest medical training institutions in South Asia.

Having the largest residential hospital in India, KGMU has over 4500 beds in its various speciality and sub-speciality clinical departments. With a rich history of excellence, its dental school has also trained thousands of graduates and post-graduates. Having many historic 'firsts in India' to its name, some notable being the first MD degree awarded in forensic medicine and the first department of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery in India, KGMU has contributed significantly to providing doctors to a developing India. It also has contributed numerous physician-leaders both to India and abroad, with multiple alumni having been awarded India's highest civilian honours.

Researchers: 73

69th in India

Reviews: 1,847

4th in India

Reviews 12 months: 490

6th in India

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