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    George Newcombe

    I am interested in plants and their symbionts.

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    Christine E Parent

    My research centers on the evolutionary process of diversification in lineages exposed to novel environment. My general research approach is to: (1) observe present-day patterns of biodiversity to infer past evolutionary processes, and (2) test those processes with manipulative experiments in laboratory populations. I use field observations, comparative analyses, laboratory experiments, molecular phylogenetics, and integrate them with theoretical modeling. Island systems (natural or experimental) are often the main focus of our research attention.

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    Aniruddha Belsare

    I am a disease ecologist with a background in veterinary medicine and conservation research. Have worked as a small animal & zoo/wildlife veterinarian in India for more than 10 years. Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Modeling Complex Interactions, University of Idaho. My previous postdoc was at the University of Missouri, where I investigated chronic wasting disease impacts on white-tailed deer population in Missouri. I am also interested in multi-host viral pathogens (like canine distemper virus) at the domestic animal-wildlife interface, specifically focusing on the issue of pathogen spillover in settings where large populations of free-ranging domestic animals interact with wild species. My research combines epidemiologic and ecologic studies, and model explorations, with the objective of providing a framework a) to realistically assess conservation/public health threats posed by a pathogen; b) to contrast potential disease management interventions; and c) to identify areas where further research could be directed. I am particularly interested in understanding the broader ecological contexts of emerging infectious diseases or new patterns of existing diseases, which is critical for informing effective disease management programs.

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    Alan F Talhelm

    Terrestrial ecologist with expertise in understanding how chemical and physiological processes influence carbon cycling, forest productivity, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, the effects of air pollution, and wildland fires.

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    Daniel S Caetano

    I am interested in patterns of macroevolution, processes of diversification, and in comparative methods to understand trait evolution. I am involved in research projects which aim to understand trait evolution, such as warning signals in Neotropical snakes and also developing new techniques to test models of multivariate and correlated traits in phylogenies.

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    Jocelyn Aycrigg

    Jocelyn Aycrigg is a conservation biologist and population ecologist interested in large landscape conservation of biodiversity. She currently is a Research Scientist in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences and Affiliate Faculty in the Environmental Science Program. Her research focuses on applying the best science and data to large landscape conservation, spatial data and analysis, biodiversity conservation, species distribution modeling, wildlife population ecology, and population modeling.