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  • Reviewer

    Thomas Walther

    Reader in Advanced Electron Microscopy.

    I have been chairing and co-editing the proceedings of the Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials conference series, which is held in odd years and alternates between Oxford and Cambridge locations, since 2009.

    I have been guest editor for issues of Journal of Materials Research, Journal of Microscopy, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, and Semiconductor Science and Technology.

    I have also reviewed research grant proposals for the following institutions: AvH Foundation (Germany), DFG (Germany), EPSRC (UK), NSERC (Canada), SSRL (USA), and STFC (UK).

  • Reviewer

    Thomas Webb

    I am a social psychologist, interested in self-regulation and behaviour change. Specifically, I am interested in how people achieve their goals and make changes to their behaviour.

  • Reviewer

    Philip Benson

    Dr Benson is currently Head of the Academic Unit of Oral Health and Development and Postgraduate Programme Director for Orthodontics at the University of Sheffield, UK. He is past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthodontics and is currently a member of the Research Strategy Group of the British Orthodontic Society. In addition to his work on demineralisation, Dr Benson’s research interests include, clinical trials of orthodontic treatment interventions, evaluating the impact of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment on young people, as well as the validation and use of oral health-related quality of life measures in clinical and research practice.

  • Reviewer

    Toni Ingolf Gossmann

    Department of Animal and Plant Sciences Sheffield University

  • Reviewer

    Alexander Fletcher

    I'm a mathematical biologist at the University of Sheffield. I apply mathematical and computational approaches to help understand how cell-level processes contribute to tissue-level dynamics in health and disease.