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    Fei Jin

    I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering in 2009 from Southeast University. Then I joined the Geotechnical Research Group at University of Cambridge and obtained my PhD degree in 2014. I continued to work as a postdoc in Cambridge on the technical and commercial development of magnesia-based binders. In 2017, I joined the University of Glasgow as an assistant professor in its Singapore campus. My research interests include: 1. Sustainable binders and reuse of waste materials; 2. Magnesia cements; 3. Alkali-activated cements; 4. Durability of cement and concrete materials; 5. Soil/water remediation.

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    Xiuyang Li

    I am a medical statistician, research design and statistical adviser to investigators at universities, hospitals, research organisations, publishers and scientific journals....I'm an academic visitor at University of Glasgow.I graduated from Hangzhou University (i.e. Now Zhejiang University) with a bachelor’s degree of science in mathematics & Statistics in 1992, from Zhejiang University with a master’s degree of medicine in environment health in 2000, and from Zhejiang University with a doctor’s degree of medicine in epidemiology & health statistics in 2009. I have been working in Zhejiang University since I graduated from Hangzhou University in 1992. I have published over 180 papers.

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    Terence Joseph Quinn

    Dr Terry Quinn is Stroke Association / Chief Scientist Office Senior Clinical Lecturer based in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow.

    Terry has a broad research portfolio, his principal research interests are trial methodology, functional assessment and neuropsychological consequences of cardiovascular disease. Recent notable outputs include co-authoring best practice guidance for test accuracy studies in dementia; creating online training for stroke trials and developing short form assessment scales..

    Terry has published extensively on stroke, cognition and test accuracy. He is Principal Investigator for a number of studies and holds a program grant to look at cognitive outcomes following stroke. Terry is coordinating editor of the Cochrane Dementia Group, he holds editorial board positions with PLOS, Stroke and Cochrane Clinical Answers. He is part of the NIHR Complex Reviews Support Group and is founder and co-chair of the Scottish Care-Home Research Group.

    Terry’s work has always maintained a clinical focus and he combines research activity with teaching and clinical commitments in the wards of Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

    Email: Twitter: @DrTerryQuinn URL:

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    Christian Keitel

    Currently working on projects investigating the role of rhythmic brain activity - stimulus-driven as well as endogenous - in perception and its relation to attention and multisensory processing.

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    Bart Adriaenssens

    I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in the interaction between environment, phenotype and fitness in animals. I study (1) what maintains individual variation in physiology, behaviour and life-history traits in nature; (2) what causes some of these traits to be stable and others variable; and (3) how this affects fitness in a changing world.

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    Postdoctoral researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology and University of Glasgow

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    Sergiu Gherghina

    Lecturer at the Department of Politics, University of Glasgow