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    Divaker Choubey

    My research interests include the role of the Ifi200-family genes in the development of autoimmunity, inflammation, and associated diseases. The family includes the interferon-inducible structurally-related murine and human genes. The murine genes (Ifi202a, Ifi202b, Ifi203, Mndal, and Aim2 etc.) form a cluster, which is located between the Spna-1 and the Sap loci on the long arm of Chromosome 1. The human genes (IFI16, MNDA, IFIX, and AIM2) are located in the syntenic 1q22 region. Proteins (the p200-proteins) encoded by the Ifi200-family genes share at least one partially conserved repeat of 200-amino acids (or HIN200 domain). Most proteins in the family also contain a homotypic protein-protein interaction pyrin domain (PYD). The PYD is often found in proteins that regulate a variety of physiologic responses, including cytokine responses and inflammation. The p200-family proteins mediate the biological and immunomodulatory activities of the IFNs. These activities include inhibition of cell cycle progression, modulation of autophagy and apoptosis, cellular senescence, and potentiation of cellular differentiation. Accumulating evidence indicates that the expression of some of the p200-family proteins is regulated by sex hormones. Alterations in the expression of the p200-family proteins are associated with the development of human autoimmune diseases and inflammation-associated diseases. Specifically, the laboratory is interested in investigating the role of the Aim2-like receptor (ALR) proteins and their inhibitors in autoimmunity. Additionally, the laboratory is investigating the role of ALR proteins in chronic inflammation-associated prostatic diseases.

    I have served as an ad-hoc reviewer for a number of journals, including the Cancer Research, Molecular Cell Biology, Clinical Cancer Research, FEBS Letters, Oncogene, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Immunology, Leukemia, Journal of Cancer Research, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Endocrine-Related Cancer, Experimental Cell Research, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, International Journal of Cancer, Molecular Medicine, and Frontiers in Bioscience.

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    David F. Rogers

    I have broad research interests in general Operations Research/Management Science/Business Analytics with current interests in Portfolio Optimization, Electricity Demand-Side Management Modeling, Inventory in Supply Chain Models, and Analytics for Education Modeling. I teach "Introduction to Business Analytics" including regression, optimization, and simulation methodologies at the undergraduate and MBA levels. I also teach graduate courses in "Optimization Modeling", "Optimization Methods", and "Case Studies in Business Analytics" where we work on real-world projects with local companies.

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    Joseph Perazzo, PhD, RN

    I am an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing. I love to write and hope to become an editor in addition to my research in the field of HIV science.

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    Eric S. Hall

    I am a biomedical informaticist and researcher focused on improving perinatal health outcomes in at-risk populations. I currently lead data management and integration supporting research and quality improvement within the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Perinatal Institute. Our systems utilize maternal and child health data originating from hospital electronic health records, vital records, geospatially-based measures from the American Communities Survey and other public data resources, and measures collected by community-based programs.

    My primary interests involve the linkage and integration of disparate data sets to facilitate the analysis of high-risk populations. My expertise in extraction, management, analysis, and modeling of complex electronic health data has positioned me as a key member of many interdisciplinary teams within the Perinatal Institute and as part of multi-institutional collaborations.

    I am also the director of data analysis and management for Cradle Cincinnati, a partnership to reduce infant mortality in Hamilton County, Ohio. While my principal focus has been on preterm birth and infant mortality reduction, my interests extend to other high-risk maternal and child populations including those affected by withdrawal following in-utero exposure to narcotics.

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    john bucuvalas

    I am Professor of Pediatric At Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. I have a broad background in transplant hepatology. I have published broadly on outcomes following liver transplantation and am co-investigator for a study designed to study the Etiopathogenesis and clinical outcome for Medical Adherence in Liver Transplant Recipients (R01 DK080740). I serve as the protocol chair for Immunosuppression Withdrawal in Stable Pediatric Transplant Recipients. I served as the Director of the Integrated Solid Organ Transplant Program at CCHMC from 2012 to 2016. I have established strong ties with pediatric solid organ transplant community both internal to CCHMC and external to CCHMC thru NIAID, ITN and CTOT . I also have strong ties and collaborations with the liver transplant community thru SPLIT, AST and UNOS. This expertise and these ties will permit me to develop and implement and achieve the goals of these efforts.

    I also have has committed significant effort to Improving Health Care Delivery Systems focusing on improving outcomes for children with chronic conditions by acquisition and application of new discoveries and/or by improvement of delivery system. We have developed infrastructure for reliable care using Wagners chronic care model and for patient based research, linking the processes for research and patient delivery and focusing improvement and translational research based on population outcome. We have engaged condition specific teams in the project. As part of this effort, we established collaboration with social scientists at MIT and Tufts to conduct social network analyses of health care teams in an effort to improve their effectiveness.

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    Kevin J Haworth

    I received my B.S. degree in physics from Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, USA, in 2003, and my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in applied physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, in 2006 and 2009, respectively. I subsequently was a Post-Doctoral Fellow under the tutelage of Christy K. Holland at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA. I am now an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati where I am directing and conducting research in medical ultrasound including the use of bubbles for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. My research interests include the studies of cavitation imaging and acoustic droplet vaporization for gas scavenging and imaging. I am a member of the Acoustical Society of America and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). I serve on the Bioeffects Committee for AIUM, the Biomedical Acoustic Technical Committee, and the Public Relations Committee for the ASA.