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    Ali Eftekhari

    Ali Eftekhari is a professor of chemistry temporarily with the University of Ulster and Queen’s University Belfast at present. He has worked on energy storage materials for over 20 years. He has founded two internationally recognised research schools providing education and research opportunities for hundreds of graduate students every year. His latest project in Africa was featured in the British newspaper, The Guardian, as an exceptional success story in African higher education. He has also advised different governmental bodies on national science policy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IMMM). Following his outstanding contributions to academia, he was elected as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

  • Reviewer

    Alan Stitt

    Interested in retinal vascular disease, angiogenesis, vascular stem cell biology and diabetic microvascular complications

  • Reviewer

    Reinhold J Medina

    Interest in Vascular Stem Cell Biology, Diabetes Research, and Cellular Senescence.

  • Reviewer

    Tim Curtis

    Interested in microvascular physiology, pathobiology and ocular therapeutics

  • Reviewer

    Dr Kate Woodcock

    My research focuses on understanding how multi-level factors interact to influence behaviour as it is relevant to ongoing mental health and wellbeing, with a strong focus on children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Developing and evaluating intervention strategies to alter behaviour in such a way as to promote good mental health and wellbeing in children and families.

  • Reviewer

    Andrew Byrne

    Veterinary epidemiologist working in the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Belfast. Interested in infectious disease epidemiology, with a particular interest in wildlife.