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    Kevin D. Lafferty

    I study marine ecology, parasitology and conservation biology.

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    Kate M Buckeridge

    I investigate how soil microorganisms mediate biogeochemical and ecosystem responses to climate change.

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    Netz Arroyo

    Netz Arroyo is a scientist working in the fields of analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, energy storage, bioanalytical sensors, and point-of-care diagnostics. He is passionate about basic research and chemical education, and he is committed to the development of knowledge and technologies that may improve human life and the environment. His doctoral research focused on the development of novel chemistries for redox flow batteries (RFB), a type of stationary electrical energy storage (EES) technology. His current postdoctoral research explores two topics: (1) protein folding dynamics on electrode surfaces; and (2) real-time molecular measurements directly in living subjects.