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    Changlin Zhang

    Changlin Zhang is a postdoc fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He received Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Akron in 2016. His research interests cover inorganic materials synthesis and in-situ/ex-situ (TEM/STEM/XRD/FTIR/Raman) characterization on applications such as energy conversion and storage (Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Photo/Electrochemical Water Splitting and CO2 reduction), CO preferential oxidation, N2H4 decomposition, and ammonia oxidation. His research also covers TEM image analysis algorithm development using machine/deep learning knowledge. He have co-authored 19 peer-reviewed papers on journals such as JACS, Nano Letters, ACS Catalysis, Nano Energy and so on.

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    Ben Ashby

    I am a theoretical evolutionary biologist interested in the evolution and ecology of hosts and their parasites.

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    Zichong Li

    I'm currently a PhD candidate in the Molecular & Cell Biology department of UC Berkeley. My current research is focused on the molecular mechanisms of HIV latency in CD4 T cells. Having extensively characterized the roles played by transcription elongation factors in HIV latency, currently I’m using reverse genetics to get a clearer picture about the molecular mechanisms for the establishment and maintenance of HIV-1 latency. My expertise includes biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, virology, gene transcription, epigenetics, and genome editing.