Ege University

Reviewers: 194

3rd in Turkey

Reviews: 1,065

3rd in Turkey

Merit: 3,183

3rd in Turkey

Openness: 6.9%

10th in Turkey

Journal Editors at Ege University

Reviewers from Ege University

  • Reviewer

    Nezih Oktar

    Prof.MD of Neurosurgery

  • Reviewer

    F.Gül Atilla

    I have been working as Professor in Ege University School of Dentistry Department of Periodontology

  • Reviewer

    Hikmet Hakan AYDIN

    Dr. Hikmet Hakan Aydin is a Turkish medical biochemist. He is a professor at the Ege University where he studies the molecular genetics and clinical biochemistry on human conditions such as cancers, longevity, and genetic inherited diseases.

  • Reviewer

    Meliha Ekinci

    Meliha Ekinci completed with the highest GPA her bachelor’s degree at Ege University, Turkey in 2013 and she obtained her master’s degree in Radiopharmacy at Ege University, Turkey in 2015. She is currently a PhD student and also a research assistant at Radiopharmacy Department, Ege University, Turkey. She has published 12 research papers and review articles (2 publications in corresponding author) and 26 conference presentations (13 presenters). She has been serving as an editorial board member (Modern Applications of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability (MABB) and Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal (RRHOAJ)) and a reviewer of reputed journals (32 reviews). She has a certificate of experimental animal use, by Ege University, Local Ethic Committee of Animal Experiments and a certificate of nanosize and zeta potential analysis applied education, by Atomika Technical. Her main research interest focuses on radiolabeling and evaluating newly developed radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis of different cancer types, especially breast cancer, and novel drug delivery systems (nanoparticles, microemulsions, etc.). She has completed 4 scientific research projects and she is currently working on 3 projects about new radiopharmaceuticals. She is doctoral scholarship student of Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Center (TUBITAK) (Granted code: TUBITAK 2211-A 01.10.2015 – Ongoing). She is a member of professional societies like European Federation of Pharmaceutical Science (EUFEPS) and Society of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (SRS) and local societies like Radiopharmaceutical Association, Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Researchers Association (TUFTAD), and Pharmaceutical Sciences Ankara Association (FABAD). She is also a member of Turkish Pharmacists Association 3rd Region Izmir Pharmacist Chamber of Press and Publication Working Group and has been writing articles in publication organ (5 articles). She has 34 citations up to now.