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    Alan Reifman

    Professor of Human Development & Family Studies at Texas Tech University. Ph.D in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan (1989).

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    Matthew A Barnes

    My research is rooted in community ecology, predicting and explaining species distributions and dispersal in aquatic systems. I am particularly interested in forecasting biological invasions– the movement of species beyond their historic native ranges– and conducting research that advances methodologies for the study and management of invasive species and the communities they impact. I utilize a broad set of tools to address many different types of ecological questions, so my research approaches include predicting species occurrence with species distribution models and geographic information systems (GIS), detecting rare species through environmental DNA (eDNA) surveillance, and investigating species impacts through field observations and laboratory experiments.

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    Joseph Manthey

    I'm an evolutionary biologist interested in all things nature. My research is inspired by the process of speciation, and its functions of creating and maintaining biodiversity. Generally, I would describe my research as within the realm of molecular ecology.

    I use genomic, ecological, and geographic information to understand the evolution of organisms and the associated conservation implications due to future climate change or landscape fragmentation.