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    Guillaume Chapron

    Guillaume Chapron started his career by mistakenly becoming a vet (DVM 1998) before becoming addicted on population modeling during his Master (MSc 2000) and defending his PhD (2004) at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris, France. His research interest focuses on anything that puts large carnivores into numbers, such as viability analysis, adaptive management and any other carnivore conservation questions. He uses different approaches, from simple deterministic models to complex hierarchical state-space models, without forgetting Individual Based Models. He is also very much interested in quantitatively understanding the political aspects and mechanisms of biodiversity conservation.

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    Prithvi Simha

    My doctoral research focuses on the safe recycling and valorisation of nutrients from source-separated human urine. I work with the design and implementation of drying technologies for urine collected in decentralised sanitation systems. I also work with user acceptance, perceptions, and attitudes to new sanitation systems and technologies.

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    Dirk Jan de Koning

    Professor in Animal Breeding at SLU Sweden from 2010 onwards. Researcher at The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh from 2001-2010 Key areas: Animal Breeding, Quantitative Genetics, QTL, GWAS

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    Jens Rommel

    Jens Rommel is a Postdoc at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He has a background in Agricultural Economics. He has experience in the design and analysis of behavioral field experiments with farmers and other natural resource users.

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    Mikko Mäkelä

    I'm a chemical engineer working with biomass conversion, spectral imaging and chemometrics.

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    Göran Ågren

    I started my research career in theoretical physics but was after my PhD employed to work with mathematical models of forest ecosystem. I am happiest when a research problem can be cast into a formal mathematical structure. I am also very much interested in environmental quality.

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    Yoan Fourcade

    Postdoctoral researcher interested in conservation biology, macroecology, biogeography, climate change, landscape ecology, species distribution modelling, population genetics.