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    Daniel Plaza-Bonilla

    Agronomist. Specialized in Mediterranean and temperate agroecosystems. Particularly interested in the improvement of agricultural management practices for a sustainable use of natural resources. Among other, main research topics cover conservation agriculture, soil management, N fertilization and use of cover crops and grain legumes, carbon cycling and soil greenhouse gases emissions. Particular emphasis on applied research and transfer of knowledge to the production chain.

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    Josu G. Alday

    The dominant research activity of my career so far has been to understand the impact of disturbances (natural and man-made) and management actions on forest ecosystems, identifying the ecological mechanisms and processes involved. The main aim that moves my research is to develop management techniques and theoretical approaches to forest communities restoration and conservation. Currently, my main research line, settled over my previous experience, explores the spatio-temporal dynamics of Mediterranean forest communities to promote resistance and resilience to cope with global change disturbance. It aims 1) to explore the mechanism behind diverse dynamics and trajectories of same communities in response to similar human-disturbances (vegetation, fungi) 2) to identify components of community resistance/resilience using long-term datasets and 3) to design new statistical methodologies to evaluate resilience dynamics. All these aims are highly relevant for conservation and sustainable management of forest communities.

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    Maite Grau

    My research is focused on polynomial differential systems defined on the real plane. In particular, I am interested in the bifurcation of limit cycles. I have tackled problems as integrability and the center problem and I have studied properties such as isochronicity, cyclicity and stability.

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    Roger Ros-Freixedes

    Animal breeding and genetics

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    Ellis Kofi Akwaa-Sekyi

    Lecturer in the fields of banking, finance, microfinance, business administration. Research interest includes corporate governance, internal controls, microfinance, sports management and finance. Have diverse international exposure, made several reviews, publications and presentations in international conferences within my area of specialization. An educationist with strong desire to learn new things, help others and share knowledge.