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    Octavio P. Luzardo

    Full Professor of Toxicology, MVD, PhD

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    Anastasio Arguello

    Anastasio Argüello is currently the leader of the Animal Science Research Group of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain, and an internationally recognized expert in small ruminant. He was born in a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Island, Spain; August, 1968) and received his elementary and high school education in the same island. He attended university education at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Spain (1987-95). At the ULPGC he earned the degrees of DVM (1995, Animal Science) and the Ph.D. (2000, Animal Science). After a postdoctoral period of research in the USDA (Beltsville, MD), he moved to the Animal Science Department of the ULPGC as Assistant Professor, he gets the Associate Professor with tenure in 2003, and the Full Professor position on 2015. He became a member of the various Scientific Societies in Spain (SEOC and FEACA), and in the USA (ADSA and IGA). Recently he has been designated as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Animal Research (ISI Journal). Dr. Argüello main field of research and extension interest is small ruminant (immunity, meat and cheese production and quality). He published more than 150 papers and abstracts in scientific journals and proceedings of national and international meetings. Moreover, he has conducted research and consulted for public organizations and private companies.

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    Ricardo Muñoz Martín

    Trying to make sense out of all this

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    Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses

    I do like studying, researching, teaching and sport