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    Jesus Barrena-Martinez

    Jesús Barrena-Martínez is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics. His PhD dissertation received a special mention from the Santander Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the best PhD in CSR in Spain in 2014. He has published in journals such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, International Journal of HRM, Journal of Human Values. His teaching and research interests include HRM, CSR and intellectual capital.

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    Martín Ramírez

    I am Senior Lecturer of chemical engineering and belongs to Biological and Enzymatic Reactors group (University of Cadiz). I obtained a BS in Chemical Engineering and MS and PhD degrees in the Chemical Science and Technology program, at the University of Cadiz. My research is focused on the application of systems for air pollution control and biodegradation of total reduced sulfur and ammonia contaminants from air and biogas and on the use of alternative carbon sources for production of higher value-added product. Besides, I was the head of Chemical Engineering section in a technology driven spin-off for 3 years.

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    Juan José González de la Rosa

    Juan José González de la Rosa was born in Algeciras (Cádiz, Spain) in 1969. He received his MS degree in Physics-Electronics in 1992, from Granada University (Spain), and his PhD in Industrial Engineering in 1999, from Cádiz University (Spain). Currently, he is Full Professor at Cádiz University-Spain. He received in 2005 the award-recognition of a six-year research period (1999-2004) in the field of Engineering by the National Assessment Commission of the Research Activity of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (CNEAI; Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora). Author of a number of JCR research articles, attendant of multiple conferences and international research meetings, which are the result of his participation and leadership of research projects dealing with signal processing and frequency calibrations. He has visited and attended Universities (invited professor), Research Institutes and Companies in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. He has been contracted by a number of European companies. He is currently a researcher and a lecturer at Cádiz University and he is the main Researcher and the Founder (in 1999) of the Research Group in Computational Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics (PAIDI-TIC-168). His research interests include higher-order statistics (interpreting and applications in non-destructive testing), ICA and Acoustic Emission (AE) signal processing. In general, his research line can be summarized by Computational Intelligence for Enhancing Measuring Systems and Applications. Regarding his membership, he belongs to the following associations: • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Senior Member# 90587937; Region 8. Miembro de Instrumentation and Measurement Society y (también antes) de la Power and Energy Society (PES). • Latin-American Group in Acoustic Emission (GLEA; Grupo Latinoamericano de Emisión Acústica o Grupo de Ondas Elásticas). • International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA). • Member Nº 1411 of the Spanish Professional College of Physicists. • Associated Member A03797 of the Spanish Centre of Authors and Editors (CEDRO; Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos). Socio nº: A03797 - Fecha de alta: 08/10/2001.

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    Juan J. Munoz-Perez

    Head of the Coastal Dpt, (Ministry of the Environment till 2012 Full Professor at the University of Cadiz Coastal Engineering and Coastal Management Scholar profile :

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    Gabriel G. De la Torre

    Dr. Gabriel G. De la Torre is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Human Factors specialist with both clinical and research experience in 1) brain injury, neurodevelopmental disorders. 2) Space Psychology, human factors and neurocognitive and neurobehavioral aspects of adaptation to extreme environments, 3) BCI, 4) Mixed robot-human teams performance.

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    Lecturer and researcher in Physiology Unit at University of Cádiz, Spain.

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    Carlos Andres Garcia

    Phd Industrial Engineering Lecturer Department of Electrical Engineering University of Cadiz