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  • Reviewer

    Javier Pérez-Tris

    I'm broadly interested in evolutionary biology, biogeography, behavioural ecology and conservation biology. Much of my research focuses on bird migration and animal interactions with obligate symbionts (mostly parasites).

  • Reviewer

    Jesus Perez-Gil

    Biochemist and biophysicist, specially interested in structure-function relationships of biomembranes in general and pulmonary surfactant in particular. Taking basic molecular concepts into new developments in diagnosis and therapy

  • Reviewer

    Jesus Vicente Guinea Ortega

    I am a clinical microbiologist interested in the study of the invasive fungal infections and their etiological agents. I have participated in several projects in the field including the study of the epidemiology of mycoses, the study of the antifungal susceptibility of fungi to marketed antifungal agents, the study of molecular epidemiology of fungi and the production of virulence factors (i.e. biofilm production, models of infection in Galleria mellonella).

  • Reviewer

    Mario Díaz

    My main research interest is the integrated analysis of the effects of human management on the patterns of distribution and abundance of keystone animal and plant species in man-made systems such as agricultural areas, dehesas, and urban habitats.