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  • Reviewer

    John Mack

    Researcher active in the porphyrin and phthalocyanine field with a strong focus on the use of MCD spectroscopy and TD-DFT calculations to analyze the electronic structures and optical properties of novel porphyrinoids. Current interests focus on the rational design of phthalocyanines and BODIPY dyes for use in nanotechnology applications.

  • Reviewer

    Dina Zoe Belluigi

    My experience as an academic is inclusive of teaching within higher education studies (HES) and fine art studio practice. The trans-disciplinary field of HES draws from critical culture studies and social science; in my own work, I have brought to bear my background from fine art, including notions of a post-modernism of resistance (including post-colonialism) and aesthetic and literary theory, with its concerns for representation, interpretation, discourse and ethics.

  • Reviewer

    Sherran Clarence

    I am an academic writing specialist and an honorary research associate at Rhodes University. I research academic writing, especially at postgraduate and early career level, as well as pedagogies around writing and learning in the disciplines. I am also a managing editor of two scholarly journals.

  • Reviewer

    Cristián J Monaco

    Cristián J. Monaco is a marine biologist interested in individual-level processes that can improve our understanding of the mechanisms driving natural system responses to environmental variables. He favours an integrative approach combining field and laboratory observations and manipulations, along with computer modelling to account for organisms’ physiological and behavioural adaptations. This type of work is proving essential to provide better predictions about the impacts of climate change on physiological and ecological dynamics in both managed and unaltered systems.