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    Angel Barajas

    Angel Barajas is Professor, Head of the Department of Finance at the St Petersburg School of Economics and Management (Higher School of Economics, Russia). Previously it has been Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Economics and Accountancy at the University of Vigo (Spain). Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Navarra. Before joining the University, he worked as an internal auditor and business consultant. He has taught Masters in universities in Spain, Germany, England, Portugal and Russia. He has been summoned as an expert by UEFA to discuss his Fair Play Financial program. He is a researcher of the Economic Observatory of Sport of Spain. He belongs to the SETrg research group (Sport, Entertainment and Tourism Research Group). He is currently the Academinc Secretary of the MBA in Sport from the University of Vigo and the Academic Director of the Master in Management & Analytics for Business (HSE University). His research focuses on creating value through intangibles and sports finance. He is the Academic Supervisor and Leading Researcher of the International Laboratory on Intangible-driven Economy of the Higher School of Economics (Russian Federation).

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    Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

    Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona, later he made a postdoctoral stay at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has worked as Short Term Consultant of the World Bank. He has been working as Research Professor in several Russian and Mexican universities. His interests include financial system, economics of education, language policy, and econometric modelling, particularly regression analysis with panel data.

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    Vladimir Pislyakov

    Graduated 1998 from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Founder of electronic library at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), works there as an Assistant Library Director since 2000 till present.

    PhD at Kazan National Research Technical University (2008), thesis "Informetrics modelling of electronic resources usage":

    Author and reviewer of "Scientometrics", "Journal of Informetrics", JASIST, and a number of Russian journals on education/sociology/scientometrics


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    Andreas Hövermann

    Andreas Hövermann is a Postdoctoral Visiting Scholar of State University of New York, University at Albany and DFG Research Fellow. He is Associated Researcher at Institute of Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence, Bielefeld University and Laboratory of Comparative Social Research, Higher School of Economics Moscow. He holds a Dr. phil. from the Department of Sociology at Bielefeld University and studied Sociology and Social Psychology. His research interests are Prejudice, Hate Crimes, Societal Marketization, Anomie Theory, and Structural Equation Modelling. More infos available here: You can find me also on twitter: Andreas Hövermann

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    Maxim Kotsemir

    Maxim Kotsemir is Researcher in Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK).

    You can download all other my research papers here for free:

    My papers are on bibliometric analysis, research collaboration analysis, university reseach evaluation, patent analysis, knowledge spillovers analysis, innovation concepts and policy, data envelopment analysis, unmanned aerial vehicles research as well as nanotechnology innovations.

  • Reviewer

    Yuri Simachev

    Dr. Simachev has been extensively involved in applied research in the brink of economic and legal issues. He specializes in RTI policy, industrial policy, SME, development institutes, tax stimulation, public- private partnership, public sector companies, corporate governance. In 1999-2013 he took a part in research and expert projects on effectivness of on-budget expenditures, development of Strategy- 2020, microeconomic analysis of innovations in industry, estimation of fiscal reform effects, demand for law and corporate governance in the private sector; on non-market sector in Russian economy and structural transformation; on main directions and factors of industrial enterprises restructuring, market functioning of holding type of corporate structures in industry; on legal supporting on economical reforms in Russia. Dr. Simachev has focused on practical recommendations for federal authorities on private sector development, advisory work on RTI and industrial policy. He is one of the writers of document that defines the Government’s long- term RTI policies - Strategy for Innovation-Driven Development of the Russian Federation for the Period Ending in 2020. Dr. Simachev is a member of the Interagency Commissions under the Presidential Council for Economic Modernisation and Innovative Development - on technology development and on implementation of strategy for innovation-driven development. He is a member of the Expert Council of the Russian Government. Dr. Simachev is a graduate of Moscow State University (Physical Department) and State University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow). He is a Candidate of Sci.