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    Mário Costa

    Mário Costa is a Full Professor in the area of Environment and Energy at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). He graduated in Chemical Engineering at University of Coimbra in 1984, obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London in 1992 and his Habilitation in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Lisbon in 2009. Currently, he is Vice-President of the Mechanical Engineering Department of IST, Coordinator of the Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering of IST and Member of the Scientific Board of IST. Presently, he teaches the courses of Thermodynamics, Combustion, Renewables Energies and Integrated Energy Systems. He has supervised more than 100 MSc and Phd students. His main fields of research are coal and biomass combustion, pollutants formation and emissions, mild and oxy-fuel combustion, combustion in porous media and gasification and pyrolysis of biomass. He has participated in more than 40 national and international projects in the area of Energy and Environment and has (co-)authored 1 book, around 90 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and more than 120 papers in international conferences. He was the recipient of the Caleb Brett Award of the Institute of Energy in 1991, of the Sugden Award of the British Section of the Combustion Institute in 1991 and of the Prémio Científico UTL/Santander Totta in 2010.

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    Nuno P. Barradas

    Researcher at C2TN-Centre for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. Previously researcher at University of Surrey, England and Research Centre Rossendorf, Germany. Main topics of interest are research reactor applications, nuclear physics, and ion beam applications. Currently IAEA staff.

    BsC in Physics, MSc in Applied Nuclear Physics, Phd in Nuclear Physics and Habilitation in Physics at the University of Lisbon. MA in European Studies at the University of Surrey.

    Other refereeing awards: Most valued reviewers of 2013 of Elsevier. Most valued reviewer of 2014 and 2015 of Nuclear Instruments and Methods B. Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B (October 2016), Surface & Coatings Technology (December 2016) and Microelectronic Engineering (January 2017). EPJ Distinguished Referee of the European Physical Journal (2016).

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    Luísa M.D.R.S. Martins

    Luísa Margarida Martins got her Chemical Engineering degree (1990), Ph.D (1996) and Habilitation in Chemistry (2015) from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon, where she is now Associate Professor. From 1996 to 2018 she was Adjunct Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL), Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon. and Vice-President of the said Department from 2014 to 2018.

    She is Researcher (Core Member) at Centro de Química Estrutural (Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Group) of Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, since 1992. and member of the Research Core Team and of the Executive Committee of the PhD programme - Catalysis and Sustainability (CATSUS, 2014-2022). She is also member of the Safety Commission of Centro de Química Estrutural of IST.

    Luísa’s research broadly focuses on the application of green chemistry and engineering principles in the innovative design of products and sustainable processes. Her main interests range over functionalized materials (in particular, involving C-scorpionates), catalysis (homogeneous, supported or nano-catalysis), and electrochemistry.

    In 2017 Luísa has been awarded the Scientific Excellence Prize IPL-CGD for the Areas of Technology and Engineering in recognition of her scientific productivity and impact along the last three years.

    She is FRSC, member of ISE and President of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society. (SPE).

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    Alban Kuriqi

    Graduated in Civil Engineering, majoring in Water Resources Engineering with significant achievement.

    A vast experience in research, teaching and consulting. He has been working for 3 years at Epoka University as Research/Teaching Assistant and more than 2 years at Illyrian Consulting Engineers as Water Resources Engineer. Team member of several national and international projects concerning to different water resources issues and challenges.

    Interesting on: Integrated Water Management and Planing; River Restoration and Management; River Eco-hydraulic; Long-Term Scenarios Prediction; Reservoirs Operation; Hydraulic Structures; Dam Breach; Flood Risk Management ; Drainage Systems; Water Quality and Groundwater.

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    Gennady Kulikov

    Gennady Yu. Kulikov graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Moscow State University (Diploma Cum Laude) in 1988, and earned his Ph.D. (Russian degree "Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics") from the Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences in 1994. He obtained his Habilitation (Russian degree "Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics") in 2002. Dr. Kulikov worked at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Ulyanovsk State University in Russia from 1993 till his relocation to South Africa in 2004, where he became a Senior Lecturer and, then, a Reader at the University of the Witwatersrand (School of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Science). In 2009, he emigrated to Portugal and became a full-time Researcher (Investigador Auxiliar under his 5-year "Ciencia 2008" contract from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) of Portugal) at CEMAT, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa. In 2013, he was granted a new 5-year full-time contract at the same institution as a Senior Research Fellow (Investigador Principal under his "Investigador FCT 2013" contract). His research interests focus mainly on the theory of numerical methods for differential and differential-algebraic equations with special emphasis to global error estimation and control techniques. They also cover applications of adaptive differential equation solvers with global error control to fluid mechanics and to nonlinear Kalman filtering, including state estimation of chemical and industrial reactors, target tracking and aerospace navigation systems. For many years, he has published widely in national and international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings (about 80 papers) and enjoyed a number of research grants. He has served as a referee for various national and international peer reviewed publications and as a reviewer for Mathematical Reviews of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Over the years, he taught several undergraduate and graduate courses in computational mathematics, numerical methods for differential equations, computational linear algebra, and prepared a number of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. He also supervised postdoctoral research projects in the area of his expertise.

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    Diogo Santos

    Diogo M.F. Santos was born in Torres Vedras, Portugal, in 1977 and graduated in chemical engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST, Universidade de Lisboa) in 2001. He received a M.Sc. degree in 2006 and a Ph.D. degree in 2009 in electrochemistry. His Ph.D. thesis was devoted to the development of the direct borohydride fuel cell. He did a 3-year post-doc in Chemical Engineering in FEUP (Porto University) and IST studying new electrocatalysts for hydrogen production by alkaline water electrolysis. Afterwards he did a 2-year post-doc in Materials Science & Engineering on low cost electrocatalysts for direct borohydride fuel cells in IST and CICECO (Aveiro University). He is currently working in Center of Physics and Engineering of Advanced Materials (CeFEMA) with an Investigador FCT position (contract no. IF/01084/2014/CP1214/CT0003) under IF2014 Programme. D.M.F. Santos has authored 80 journal papers and over 70 conference proceedings. He has presented over 30 oral communications and 50 posters in international conferences. He is a member of several renowned international societies and serves as a reviewer for many scientific journals. He is the Editor-in-chief of Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais (Elsevier). His main research interests are related to electrochemical energy conversion.

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    Manuel Almeida

    I am a Senior Resercaher at IST-University of Lisbon. I have been Head of a Solid State Research Group at ITN in Sacavém since 1985, since 2012 integrated in the University of Lisbon. My scientific interests have been focused in electrical and magnetic properties of materials and their relation with the crystalline and molecular structure. The type of materials studied and my scientific interests currently include low dimensional molecular conducting and multifunctional materials, with emphasis on transition metal bis-dichalcogenide complexes, and magnetic intermetallics with f-elements and in a broad sense multifunctional or nanostructured materials and the crystal engineering

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    João P. S. Bizarro

    João P. S. Bizarro was born in Dili, Timor (formerly a Portuguese territory), in 1963. He received the Technological Physics Engineering degree from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa), Lisboa, Portugal, in 1987, the Ph.D. degree in Radiation and Plasmas from Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), Marseille, France, in 1993, and the Habilitation in Physics from IST in 2010.

    He has been a professor in the Physics Department, IST, since 1993, and was the Head of the Theory and Modeling Group in the Associação Euratom--IST during 2008--2012. He has visited and worked in fusion laboratories such as the Joint European Torus, Abingdon, UK, TORE SUPRA, Cadarache, France, and the Instituto de Física, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, having been a research fellow of the Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica, Lisboa, Portugal, in 1988--1990, and of the Commission of the European Communities (Euratom) in 1990--1993. He has been appointed to bodies of the European Fusion Programme, having seated in the Fusion Physics Committee during 2000--2002, and in the Scientific and Technological Advisory Committee during 2002--2007. He has authored, or co-authored, more than 80 papers in leading scientific journals and his research interests have ranged from quantum mechanics and thermodynamics to RF engineering and signal processing, and have included as well several fields of high-temperature plasma physics such as plasma waves, kinetic equations, RF heating and current drive, and plasma equilibrium and transport.