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    António Bento Caleiro

    In 1988, I took a B.A. degree in Economics at the University of Évora (Portugal). After that, I decided to take a Masters in Mathematics applied to Economics at the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (Lisbon, Portugal), which I finished in 1993. With much joy, I took a doctorate in Economics at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy), which I managed to finish in 2001. In 2011, I obtained the academic title of 'agregado' in Economics at the University of Évora, which was not honoured in terms of the corresponding wage premium for 69 months. Despite the stipulated in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, only after having accomplished my military service, I could join the Department of Economics at the University of Évora, in 1989, as an assistant lecturer. In 1993 I became a lecturer and an assistant professor in 2001, always at the Department of Economics, University of Évora.

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    Manuel Galvão de Melo e Mota

    Manuel M. Mota: Dept. Biologia, Universidade de Évora.

    Dr. Mota has completed a PhD in Virginia Tech in 1992, in Phytonematology, and has since worked with plant parasitic nematodes, namely Globodera, virus vector nematodes, entomopathogenic nematodes and Bursaphelenchus. In 1998 he established the Nematology Lab (NemaLab) in the university of Évora and has been able to attract funding from several projects (over € 1 million). He has published over 60 papers in major nematological journals such as Molecular Plant Pathology, BMC Microbiology, FEMS Microbiology, Planta, New Phytologist, PLoS ONE, J. of Nematology, Nematology and others , editor of 2 books (Brill and Springer) and numerous book chapters. His is a regular referee for 15 major scientific journals. His main scientific achievement was the detection for the first time in the EU of the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and has since then (1999) pursued a steady and coherent line of research. Recent interest has focused on virus-vector nematodes (Fam. Longidoridae) as well.

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    A. Márcia Barbosa

    My research areas include biogeography, macroecology, species distribution modelling, comparative phylogeography, biodiversity and conservation. I work mainly on mammals and amphibians, but also on birds, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates, and occasionally on plants. I'm particularly interested in integrating different scientific fields in multidisciplinary approaches and in developing and applying innovative methodologies, or adapting those traditionally used in other fields.

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    Marta Laranjo

    Born in 1975, married, three children (born in 2000, 2001 and 2010) PhD in Biology, 2007 Post-Doc Researcher, Universidade de Évora, Portugal Instituto de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais Mediterrânicas (ICAAM)-Food Science and Technology Group h-index=14 4 book chapters 31 full research papers in international peer-review journals Supervision of 3 PhD students (in course), 4 Master students (2 in course), supervision of 20 undergraduate students (4 in course).

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    Diogo Alagador

    My research interests link closely with Spatial Conservation Planning, Biogeography, Climate Change, Connectivity Processes. I focus these themes within optimization protocols in order to answer challenges like: How may biodiversity conservation reconcile with local and short term human interests? How may we integrate dynamism within conservation plans in order to mimic the natural dynamic processes? Until where conservation efforts may go with no relevent impacts in socio-economic interests? What are the best performing decisions whn entering with global environmental dynamics, human dynamics and ecological dynamics?

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    Elsa Lamy

    PhD in 2009, in the field of Agronomic Sciences, by the University of Evora and Msc in 2014 in Metabolic Diseases and Ingestive Behavior, by the Medicine Faculty of the Univrsity of Lisbon. Develops her research activity in the area of salivary proteomics, with the major aim of relating oral environment with oral food perception and food choices, both in humans and animals. E Lamy is actualy Associated Researcher (iFCT contract) at the ICAAM (Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences), from the University of Evora.