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  • Reviewer

    José Sousa Câmara

    After his graduating in Chemistry in 1992 (University of Coimbra – UC), José got an MSc in Quality Control (UC) in 1997, an PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2004 at University of Madeira. Is actually Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering of University of Madeira and is senior researcher at Madeira Chemistry Research Centre (CQM), Madeira, Portugal. Is supervisor of PhD and Master thesis, Director of the course of Chemistry and CET on Hygiene and Food Security. 83 articles in JCR-SCI peer review journals. 8 Book chapters; Number of citations: 1700 in 820 documents; SCI Citation Index. Index H = 27. Over 300 Communications in International and National scientific Conferences. About 50 Oral communications some of them by invitation. ORCID nº: 0000 0003 1965 315. Editor of 3 books (ISBN 9781-163321-402-6, ISBN 978-989-97667-0-9 and ISBN 978-972-789-302-7).

    Head of research group of Chemistry of Natural Products - working in the field of Analytical, Food and Medicinal Chemistry, with expertise on: • Food bioactive metabolites, • Food antioxidants, • Volatile metabolites compounds as biomarkers of several diseases, • Development and implementation of extraction methodologies; Associate Editor of the Journal of Integrated-OMICS (JIOMICS), ISSN 2182-0287. Member of the Editorial Board of "Spectroscopy: an International Journal". Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Regular referee of several scientific journals, Network Coordinator at CQM/UMa of the National Network of Mass Spectrometry (RNEM); Principal coordinator of several research projects key subject areas: Analytical Chemistry - Food Chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry – Metabolomics – Biomarkers

  • Reviewer

    Paula C. Castilho

    PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry by the University of Durham, UK. Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry at Madeira University since 2002. Research interests in the recover of valuable natural products from wastes from forest and agro-industry

  • Reviewer

    Nuno Nunes

    Nuno is a Professor and President of the Board at Madeira-ITI, U. Madeira, Portugal. He is also President of the Board of ARDITI and serves at the Board of Directors of LARSyS. Nuno’s research interests are related to the design, development and evaluation of interactive systems and services.

  • Reviewer

    Jorge A. M. Pereira

    PhD in Biochemistry (Molecular Biology specialization) followed by Post Doctoral fellow focused in the characterization of volatile diseases biomarkers using biofluids using microextraction techniques followed by advanced analytical methodologies. Additional interest in bioactive compounds from Mediterranean diet and their preventive effects against prevalent diseases.

  • Reviewer

    Luiz Pinto Machado

    Phd Economics Tourism Expert