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    Michel J.A.M. van Putten

    I studied Medicine in Leiden and Applied Physics in Delft. In 2000, I got my PhD in Applied Physics from Delft, and registered as a clinical neurologist.

    I’m heading the department of Clinical Neurophysiology of the Medisch Spectrum Twente, a large teaching hospital, and I chair Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Twente (

    Our research involves the pathophysiology of epilepsy, ischaemia, brain monitoring in the ICU, and fundamentals of EEG generation.

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    Lex van Velsen

    I am a Senior Researcher at Roessingh Research and Development and also hold a position as a researcher at the University of Twente’s Biomedical Signals and Systems group.

    My research interests include eHealth and Telemedicine, Requirements engineering, Design, mHealth, Personalization, and Information seeking behavior.

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    Monika Kuffer

    My research focus is on urban remote sensing, in particular working on slum mapping.

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    Thomas Weinhart

    I love to analyse interesting physical phenomena and to solve mathematical puzzles. My goal is to understand the world every day a little more.

    I currently work on understanding and predicting the behaviour of granular materials, ranging from pharmaceutical/food powders, raw materials in the mining and manufacturing industry, to geophysical landslides and avalanches. In particular, I work on contact mechanics (elasto-plastic-frictional contacts, wet and dry adhesion, sintering), discrete particle simulations (, continuum-mechanical models for granular flows, and multiscale-coupling between discrete and continuum methods.

    I am also cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of MercuryLab, providing industry access to particle simulation software. I am responsible for creating state-of-the-art computational tools to understand, predict and optimise industrial bulk handling and processing equipment. In particular, I am the lead developer of MercuryDPM, our innovative, open-source discrete particle solver, and MercuryCG, the advanced analysis tool integrated into MercuryDPM.

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    Elze G. Ufkes