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The Sapienza University of Rome, officially Sapienza – Università di Roma, also called simply Sapienza and the "University of Rome," is a collegiate research university located in Rome, Italy. Formerly known as Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza", It is the largest European university by enrolments (the third if considering also the distance learning schools) and one of the oldest in the history, founded in 1303.

Sapienza University of Rome is one of the most reputable European Universities and the most prestigious Italian University. It is variously ranked first in Italy, first among Southern European universities, and among the best universities in Europe.

La Sapienza educated numerous notable alumni, including many Nobel laureates, presidents of the European Parliament, heads of several nations and significant scientists and astronauts.

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5th in the world

Reviews 12 months: 3,838

2nd in the world

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