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    Alberto M. Luciano

    Professor of Veterinary Anatomy and Embryology at University of Milan, group leader of the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory ( M.S. in Biological Sciences and Ph.D. in Biotechnology applied to Veterinary and Animal Sciences at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, all from University of Milan. Post-doctoral fellowship in Reproductive Physiology, University of Connecticut, School of Medicine, CT, USA. Author of more than 100 peer reviewed publications and book chapters, the majority of which has focused on the study of mammalian oocyte development and the cellular and molecular determinants of embryonic developmental competence acquisition.

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    Luigi Bonavina

    I am a general and thoracic surgeon, full professor of surgery at the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health, University of Milan Medical School, Milano, Italy

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    Diego Rubolini

    I am Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Milano. My research broadly focuses on evolutionary and ecological interactions, and climate effects on organisms, together with more applied issues. I use mainly birds as model organisms.

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    Giovanni Lodi

    Giovanni Lodi qualified in Dentistry at the Università degli Studi di Milano in 1991. In 1994 he started a post-graduate course at the Department of Oral Medicine of the Eastman Dental Institute-UCL. His Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), was awarded in 1998, discussing a thesis on "Oral and dental aspects of hepatitis C virus infection". Since 1998 Giovanni Lodi works for the oral medicine service of the AO San Paolo (Milan), and in 2002 he started working for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Università degli Studi di Milano. He was Secretary of the European Association of Oral Medicine between 2002 and 2006, visiting professor at the Dental School of the Universidade de São Paulo – Brazil (2007). In 2012 he was awarded, first in Italy, of the Diploma of Oral Medicine della European Association of Oral Medicine. He has published about 200 works in the field of oral medicine, evidence based dentistry and special needs. He is currently • associate professor with clinical duties of the Università degli Studi di Milano (2015-); • honorary senior lecturer of the Department of Oral Medicine - Eastman Dental Institute-UCL London (2004-); • member of the Steering Committee of the World Workshop on Oral Medicine (2011-); • editor in chief of Dental Cadmos, the most widely read Italian dental journal (2011-); • editor of the Cochrane Oral Health Review Group (2013-); • co-editor in chief of Oral DIseases (2017-);

    Bibliometric indices Scopus 17 May 2017 H index: 27 citations: 2234 Google Scholar 17 May 2017 H index: 36 citations: 4042 i10 index: 61

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    Gentile Francesco Ficetola

    Main research interest: biodiversity and conservation of amphibians and reptiles macroecology environmental DNA DNA metabarcoding biogeography biodiversity and conservation

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    Roberto Cerbino

    Physicist. Working in soft condensed matter and biological physics. Additional expertise in optical techniques.

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    Alberto Vailati

    I am an experimental physicist working on the investigation of fluctuations and pattern formation in liquids. Research topics include non equilibrium fluctuations during diffusion processes on Earth and in microgravity, hydrodynamic instabilities in complex fluids, heat transfer with smart nanofluids, hydrodynamic instabilities of liquid jets, and bio-fluidmechanics.