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    Laszlo Nagy

    I am a physician by training and a molecular and cell biologist with a long standing research interest in the molecular biology of gene expression regulation, cellular differentiation and their role in human diseases. The fundamental question my research is addressing is how lipid signaling regulates gene expression and how a changing extra- and intracellular lipid environment impacts the expression of the genome and contributes to cell type identity and to changing cellular phenotypes. I have been using the paradigm of nuclear hormone receptor activation/signaling and the contribution of it to immune cell differentiation, function and to diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cancer, tissue regeneration and various inflammatory disorders. In recent years, I have employed genomic and epigenomic approaches, along with bioinformatics and data integrative tools to uncover gene regulatory networks operated by transcription factors in the macrophage. I have published over 100 papers, collaborated with dozens of researchers and directed large research programs in Europe, and now also in the US.

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    Török Péter

    My current research interest covers the vegetation dynamics and restoration of grassland communities. I'm also interested in seed bank ecology, and biomass production in grasslands

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    Orsolya Valkó

    I work in the University of Debrecen, Department of Ecology, Hungary. My main research topics are plant ecology (seed banks and seed dispersal), nature conservation management (mowing, fire, grazing) and grassland restoration.