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    V.G. Athyros

    Professor in Internal Medicine in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. More than 400 publications, 11,200 citations, 52 h index.

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    Michael D. Diamantidis

    Consultant Haematologist at the General Hospital of Larissa, Greece (since June 2014) MSc (2006) Medical Research Methodology, AUTH, Greece PhD (2011) Myelodysplastic Syndromes, AUTH, Greece Post Doc (2014 January) Acute Myeloid Leukemia, ERASMUS MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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    Aimilios Lallas

    Aimilios Lallas, MD, MSc, PhD

    Aimilios Lallas is a Board-Certified Dermatologist-Venereologist at the First Department of Dermatology of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is specialized in skin cancer diagnosis with non-invasive techniques, as well as in the management of skin cancer patients.

    His main field of research interest is dermoscopy of skin tumors, the application of the method in general dermatology and the improvement of the management of oncologic patients. He is an author of 198 scientific papers published on Pubmed Central, most of them on dermoscopy and skin cancer, and several book chapters on dermoscopy. He is a co-investigator in several Phase III Clinical trials on skin cancer treatment. He has been awarded several scholarships and scientific awards.

    Over the last years, Dr Lallas has established scientific collaboration with numerous colleagues from several countries and supervised several fellows on skin cancer diagnosis and management. He is invited speaker in several domestic and international congresses and meetings, mainly on dermoscopy and on skin cancer diagnosis and management. He is particularly involved in teaching activities on dermoscopy, having organized and participated in numerous domestic and international courses.

    Dr Lallas is currently the General Secretery of the International Dermoscopy Society. He is also the Secretary of the 5th World Congress of Dermoscopy to be held on 2018 in Greece.

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    Konstantinos Ganias, Assistant Professor

    Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography at the School of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Also serves as adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Ichthyology, University of Thessaly.

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    Stavros J.Baloyannis


    Prοf. Stavros J.Baloyannis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He graduated from the School of Medicine of Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Postgraduate training (a) in Neurology in Aristotelian University and Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, (b) in Neuropathology in Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, Catholic University of Louvain, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (c) in Neurootology and Neuropathology of Auditory pathway in Harvard University, (d). Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, University of Pennsylvania, (e) Neuroimmunology, Yale University, New Haven. Research on Blood Brain Barrier in dementias, Blood Brain Barrier in Demyelinating diseases, Mitochondria in Alzheimer’s disease, Synaptogenesis in vivo and in vitro, Neuronal apoptosis in dementias and demyelinating diseases, Dendritic pathology in dementias, Pathology of Golgi apparatus in dementias. Special interests: Neuroethics, Neurolinguistics, Philosophy of Neurosciences, Application of mathematics in Neurosciences, Neurology and the Art, Music and the Brain. Member of 56 scientific societies in Greece and abroad. Honorary Member of the Academy of Hellenic Air Forces. President of the Society for the amelioration of the quality of life in chronic neurological diseases. President of the Orthodox Medical Association for support of health and medical education in Africa. He was visiting professor in Tufts University, Democretian University, Aristotelian University, School of Theology, Aristotelian University, School of Philosophy. Author of 28 textbooks on Neurology, Neuropathology, Neuropsychology and of 710 papers, published in Greek and International Journals on Neurology, Neuropathology, Neuroimmunology and Neuroethics. Head of the 1st Department of Neurology, Aristotelian University for 20 years (1992-2011). Emeritus Professor of Neurology, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece. Director of Research Institute for Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementias..