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    Christine Pohl

    Worldwide recognized expert in RS Data and Image Fusion, DIP, SAR processing with 25+ years of experience. Skilled in writing and publishing scientific impact papers, advanced digital image processing, consulting, online education, technical research, international research project acquisition and management. Maintaining a large network of scientists and private enterprises connections for joined innovative research to provide geospatial solutions. Remote Sensing application fields: mapping, monitoring, change detection, natural hazards and humanitarian support in crisis areas, coastal zone management, tropical remote sensing.

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    Johann P. Klare

    I'm a structural biologist/biophysicist, mainly employing Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy and site-directed labeling techniques (for in vitro and in vivo applications) in combination with computational approaches to elucidate the structure, conformational dynamics and functional properties of proteins and protein complexes. My main interest lies on systems related to human disease states, but we use also bacterial and eukaryotic model systems for our investigations.