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    Jan R. Böhnke

    I am psychologist by training and my main interests lie with social science research methodology, applied statistics, clinical psychology, epidemiology, health services research and decision theory. My career started with a scholarship at the Free University of Berlin (Germany) to plan the survey component of a large mixed-methods study on the effectiveness of development aid in North Eastern Afghanistan, a project I am still associated with until today. After that I worked as a research associate and lecturer at Trier University (Germany) on patient-reported outcomes and routine monitoring systems. My work entailed predictive modelling of patient progress and the psychometric assessment of patient distress as well as process-related variables. In 2013 I moved to the University of York (UK). Within the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group (Hull York Medical School & Department of Health Sciences) I lead the theme of "psychometric epidemiology", which was a research program looking at the joint modelling of categorical indicators and their development over time, especially (but not only) in health contexts. In 2017 I moved to the University of Dundee (Dundee Centre for Health and Related Research, School of Nursing and Health Sciences) where I continue to work on combining latent variable models with the designs of trials and epidemiological studies.

    I am a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of "Psychotherapy Research" and Co-Editor in Chief of "Quality of Life Research" (reasons why my review activity in the last months has declined...)

  • Reviewer

    Stavros D Veresoglou

    Community ecologist

  • Reviewer

    Dirk Ostwald

    Assistant Professor (W1), Freie Universität Berlin

  • Reviewer

    Guilhem Mansion

    • PhD in Biology (2001); PhD Pharmacy (1993) • Post Doctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Botany • Editor and Author of both academic and popular scientific papers • Skills in biogeography, phylogenetics and systematics / taxonomy

  • Reviewer

    Sayed-Amir Marashi

    Associate Professor

  • Reviewer

    Philipp Altmann

    Studies in sociology, cultural anthropology and Spanish philology at the University of Trier and the Autonomous University Madrid. Doctorate in sociology at the Free University of Berlin in 2013 with a work on the decolonial aspects of the discourse of the indigenous movement in Ecuador. Professor for sociological theory at the Universidad Central del Ecuador.