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  • Reviewer

    Walter Ludwig Strohmaier

    Head, Department of Urology and Paediatric Urology, Regiomed-Kliniken, Klinikum Coburg Chairman, International Urolithiasis Society Vice-Chairman, Working Group Urolithiasis, German Urological Society

  • Reviewer

    Sergey Shityakov

    Sergey Shityakov is currently a researcher in the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care at Würzburg University Hospital. His research interests include blood-brain barrier research, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulation of different biological systems, such as brain transporter proteins and carbon nanostructures. His work in these areas has been published in various high-impact peer-reviewed journals including Nature and presented at scientific conferences.

  • Reviewer

    Michael B. Steinborn

    10/2013 – current
    Researcher at the Eye-Tracking & Vision Research Group, Department of Methods and Applied Cognition, (Head: Prof. Dr. Lynn Huestegge), University of Wuerzburg, Germany.

    05/2012 – 12/2012 Researcher at the Cybermedia Research Group (Cognitive Film Psychology), Leibnitz Institute of Knowledge Media Research (Head: Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwan), Tübingen, Germany.

    09/2010 – 03/2012 Researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Cognition, University of Tübingen (Head: Prof. Dr. Bettina Rolke), Tübingen, Germany.

    02/2006 – 07/2010
    PhD-student at the Department of Cognitive and Biological Psychology, University of Tübingen (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rolf Ulrich), Tübingen, Germany.

  • Reviewer

    Frank Niklas

    Dr Frank Niklas is a developmental and educational psychologist with research interests in how children learn in the context of families (Home Learning Environment). In 2010, Frank completed his PhD at the University of Würzburg, Germany, where he investigated precursors of reading, writing, and mathematical abilities as well as school readiness in children. From August 2013 until August 2015, Frank had an honorary appointment at the University of Melbourne (2-year post-doctoral fellowship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)). Currently, he lives and works in Würzburg, Germany.

    Short CV: 2001 - 2007: Undergraduate and postgraduate studies in psychology at the University of Würzburg (Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology) 2004: Semester abroad at Cardiff University, Wales 2007 - 2010: PhD at the University of Würzburg 2007 - 2013: Lecturer and researcher at the department of developmental and educational psychology in Würzburg March/April 2012 Visiting guest teacher at Umeå University, Sweden August 2013 - August 2015: Post-doctoral studies at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), University of Melbourne 2014 "Habilitation" at the University of Würzburg Currently: Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Würzburg and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne

  • Reviewer

    Mathias Buttmann

    Head of the Department of Neurology at a large Academic Teaching Hospital of the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. Particular clinical and scientific interest in multiple sclerosis with a current research focus on diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers, adverse effect profiles of immunotherapeutics and multicentric therapy trials.

  • Reviewer

    Yanjie Chao

    I am interested in how bacterial pathogens precisely control their gene expression to survive in the host and cause disease, especially gene regulations at the post-transcriptional level by novel RNA-based regulators.

  • Reviewer

    Peter H. W. Biedermann

    I am interested in social evolution and the evolution of mutualisms. My model are fungus-farming ambrosia beetles. Currently I aim to find the mechanisms behind pest-control in the fungus gardens and how the beetle trigger their fungi to produce fruiting structures. Techniques I use: behavioural observations, SEM, next-generation sequencing, lab breeding of beetles and culturing of fungi/bacteria