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    Sylvain Pincebourde

    I am an ecologist with special interests in how species respond to climate change. My general approach considers the microclimate of ectotherm species as a filter of the changes occurring in the atmosphere. As such, I have interests in thermal ecology and biophysical modeling. I study terrestrials and aquatic insects, as well as intertidal invertebrates and also plants.

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    Emre Erdem

    Semicondoctors, Supercapacitors, Spectroscopy (EPR, Raman, Impedance, Photoluminescence), ceramics, ferroelectrics, photovoltaics, Battery, Energy materials, Electrical vehicles, nanotechnology, nanoparticles

  • Reviewer

    Joël Meunier, PhD

    My research aims at better understanding the emergence and persistence of social life in insects by studying (1) the behavioral processes regulating within-group conflicts, (2) how (social) immunity promotes the emergence and persistence of group-living, (3) the bases of recognition systems and chemical communication within and between groups, and finally (4) the reciprocal interactions between social/ecological environments and life-history traits expressed by group members.

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    Stéphane Boyer

    I have an MSc in Animal Behaviour from the University of Paris 13 (France) and an PhD in Animal Ecology from Rennes University (France). I did a Post-Doc at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium) on Mosquitoes as vectors of re-emmerging disease in Europe and a postdoc at Lincoln University on the Ecological Restoration of the Stockton opencast coal mine (New Zealand). I have spent 10 years in New Zealand, holding the successive positions of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at Lincoln University and at Unitec Institute of Technology. During that time, I taught Molecular Ecology, Restoration Ecology, the Conservation Science and Animal Behaviour. Since September 2017, I am a Professor at the Insect Biology Research Institute (IRBI) at Tours University in France. My main research interests focus on trophic interactions in agricultural and natural ecosystems and the development of new molecular tools for bioprotection, ecological restoration and animal conservation. This includes molecular analysis of trophic interactions, the use of environmental metabarcoding techniques and the development of non-invasive DNA sampling methods.